High Altitude Enterprises, an Aviation Safety Consulting and Auditing firm, was founded in 2004 with a passionate pursuit to make Business Aviation Safer.  

Our team of accredited and insured Safety Auditors specializes in (virtual & onsite):

  1. ISBAO auditsStage 1, 2 & 3,

  2. Flight Plan Stage 1 (FS1)

  3. Progressive Stage 3 (PS3)                   for large & small flight departments (both fixed and rotary wing).

  4. New FAA (SMS VP) Safety

      Management System program               implementation & audits.     

  5. Conducting Gap Analysis to see    

      where the clients flight department    

      stand's currently in comparison to

      the ISBAO / FAA / ICAO standard.  

  6. Upcoming UAV/Drone requirements

      and safety system implementation.