The Name


The High Altitude environment (above 30,000 feet where jet airplanes fly) is uninhabitable by humans.  Extreme cold, very few oxygen molecules due to low atmospheric pressure make it impossible to be outside of a pressurized cabin. Although routine, pilots take their responsibility of transporting passengers through this deadly environment very seriously even though pressurization failures on modern aircraft are quite rare. It is an environment where Safety must come first!


Often times at high elevations or at High Altitudes, people get inspired! Whether its looking down from the top of a majestic mountain or out the window of an airplane, that 40,000 foot perspective on life is where incredible ideas come from.

We believe, it is in these moments, people are able to dream, set measurable goals and gain clarity in their business and personal lives.  We encourage and support our clients to achieve what they may have thought was not possible.