In 2020, High Altitude worked closely with us to review our manuals and our safety practices before the audit date, which allowed us to identify any major issues in advance.  So, on the actual audit date, our Stage 3 ISBAO audit went smoothly and our auditor (Kyle Kerekffy) provided us with moments to learn industry best practices and we felt relaxed.

Kyle’s experience shines through as a Safety Manager, International Captain, and someone who has implemented ISBAO programs as an operator, which allows for a realistic view to how companies like Disney run their department, creating a productive and enjoyable audit experience.

Conversations with Kyle are easy and informative, and we were impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. His approach to the IS-BAO audit process compliments our flight department’s culture and safety style, and since Kyle flies daily just like us, we felt he was more of an extension of our safety team than an auditor. In the end, value was added, and our safety culture improved. 


I highly recommend High Altitude Enterprises for your next audit.


Nicholas Sanders

Safety Officer, Captain, 

Disney Aviation Group

Our corporate aviation department utilized High Altitude Enterprises in 2018 for our Stage 3 IS-BAO audit after being referred by several industry peers. Domestic and international operations are a matter of routine for us, so it was imperative we utilize an auditor not only experienced at auditing large and complex operations but also possesses firsthand knowledge of international operations. 

I had several conversations with Kyle during the vetting process and came away impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Not only does he fly on a regular basis but was flexible working with us. As Safety Officer it was important to me that Kyle teach IS-BAO particulars during the actual audit, which he excelled at. During the run-up to the audit Kyle previewed our Aviation Operations and Emergency Response Manuals for any major issues so during the actual audit things tracked along smoothly and I learned during the process.

Since Kyle has held positions as Safety Manager / International Captain for 3 companies who implemented IS-BAO from scratch, this allowed him to be on both sides of the table during IS-BAO audits. This provides a unique perspective as an IS-BAO auditor. 

Kyle Kerekffy continually learns about and shares best practices which is an additional value. As a matter of fact, I contact Kyle time to time for IS-BAO questions which is an excellent resource to have available.


I highly recommend High Altitude Enterprises.


Samuel Aycock

Safety / Security Officer

Fortune 100 Flight Department