Our corporate aviation department utilized High Altitude Enterprises in 2018 for our Stage 3 IS-BAO audit after being referred by several industry peers. Domestic and international operations are a matter of routine for us, so it was imperative we utilize an auditor not only experienced at auditing large and complex operations but also possesses firsthand knowledge of international operations. 

I had several conversations with Kyle during the vetting process and came away impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Not only does he fly on a regular basis but was flexible working with us. As Safety Officer it was important to me that Kyle teach IS-BAO particulars during the actual audit, which he excelled at. During the run-up to the audit Kyle previewed our Aviation Operations and Emergency Response Manuals for any major issues so during the actual audit things tracked along smoothly and I learned during the process.

Since Kyle has held positions as Safety Manager / International Captain for 3 companies who implemented IS-BAO from scratch, this allowed him to be on both sides of the table during IS-BAO audits. This provides a unique perspective as an IS-BAO auditor. 

Kyle Kerekffy continually learns about and shares best practices which is an additional value. As a matter of fact, I contact Kyle time to time for IS-BAO questions which is an excellent resource to have available.


I highly recommend High Altitude Enterprises.


Samuel Aycock

Safety / Security Officer

Bank of America, Aviation

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