Meet the Team


Kyle Kerekffy 


Owner, Founder and President, Kyle Kerekffy is a 25+ year professional pilot currently flying a brand new Global 7500 business jet worldwide and became an ISBAO accredited auditor in 2013 obtaining every credential/accreditation that IBAC offers. Kyle's most recent accreditation in 2021 is Check Auditor which includes: Progressive Auditor and Progressive Implementor. Kyle can easily relate with clients since he actively "flies the line" and mitigates risk in his own flight department.  Kyle has a BA degree in Business Administration, is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 9,500 hours and has flown FAA Part 135 Charter, several FAA Part 91 Business Aviation departments where he assisted his flight department in obtaining ISBAO registration as an International Captain and Safety Manager, as well as flying for a FAA Part 121 Commercial Airline. Some of Kyle’s clients include large corporations such as Disney, Bank of America, Qualcomm, Textron, Cigna and General Dynamics all the way down to single aircraft / helicopter operators needing help with implementation to build their SMS and obtain initial registration. Kyle has developed expertise in upcoming aviation technologies such as UAV, drones and new initiatives such as upcoming FAA SMS implementation. In 2019 Kyle received the NBAA Tony Kern “Professionalism in Aviation” award.  When he is not doing the above, his passion is motorsports and is a driving coach at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. Kyle is happily married with two children and lives in Carlsbad, CA. 


Dan Cerkan 



Dan Cerkan is a former USMC Naval Aviator and is rated in both Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing aircraft.  He served with distinction in billets such as the Marine Corps Rotary and Fixed Wing Aviation Safety Officer, Director of Safety and Standardization for the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and flew the President of the United States as a pilot in Marine Helicopter Squadron One.  Dan is an accredited ISBAO, Helicopter Association International, Wyvern and Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS) auditor.  His credentials include US Naval Aviation Safety Officer Course, US DOT Safety Risk Management Trainer, US DOT Aviation Safety Program Management, US DOT Safety Management Systems and M.S. Aeronautical Science, Aviation Safety Systems & Human Factors specializations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Amanda Ferraro

Amanda is currently a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), Gulfstream 550/450 International Captain and a very active ISBAO auditor who trains the top auditors in the industry. Amanda has worked for three fortune 500 companies including Cessna Aircraft Company, John Deere and American Family Insurance guiding all of them through the ISBAO process as International Captain and Safety Manager. Amanda took her passion for safety and standardization and became an accredited aviation auditor in 2013 and has obtained every IBAC credential / accreditation available.  Amanda's believes the audit process should provide value and insight for every operator.  She treats clients as a partnership in the industry and believes achieving higher standards together yields better results. Amanda received the NBAA Tony Kern “Professionalism in Aviation” award in 2016. She works with some of the largest Fortune 500 flight organizations in the world as a consultant, SMS implementer, and auditor.

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