Kyle Kerekffy, grew up in Aviation family. At age 3, Kyle loved flying in his Grandfather's Piper Cherokee (photo to the right with his Mom and Dad). Kyle's Dad was a Naval Aviator and bravely flew E2 's over Vietnam and his aviation loving Mom was also a rated pilot.  After finishing a BA degree in Business Administration from Cal State University Fullerton, Kyle worked as Operations Manager for Olin Corporation and helped implement their ISO 9000 program, doing internal audits. He also worked with external auditors that granted Olin ISO 9000 certification (similar to the ISBAO standard). 


Kyle left Olin Corporation with all of his auditing expertise to pursue his ultimate goal of being a lifelong professional pilot. After completing the last of his flight certificates and ratings "Airline Transport Pilot" Kyle flew Private, Charter and later was furloughed from the airlines after the events of September 11th 2001.  Kyle later turned down a job offer from Southwest Airlines to pursue his passion: flying for, managing and auditing business aviation flight departments. Since then, Kyle has been Flight Department Manager and Chief Pilot of three large corporate flight departments as well as Safety Manager where he assisted the department in achieving ISBAO registration.  

From 2004 to the present, High Altitude Enterprises exists due to it's passionate pursuit to make business aviation safer. In our opinion, a higher standard (like ISBAO and WYVERN) is exactly what business aviation has needed to evoke radical change in Corporate Aviation Safety Culture.  Our consultants and auditors through the ISBAO/  Wyvern process can help you reduce risk as low as reasonably practical within your flight department.